Our Health & Safety Policy

Delivering the Health and Safety message is an important as any part of our business and at Wataniya, we constantly monitor and communicate our Health and Safety policy to our employees on our construction sites and at our office locations.

Our Policy States:

  • The company acknowledges and accepts its legal responsibilities for securing the Health, Safety, Environment and welfare of all it’s employees, of sub-contractors working on its behalf and all others affected by their activities.
  • The company recognizes and accepts the general duties imposed upon the company as an employer under the Health 7 Safety at work Act and subsequent health and safety regulations appertaining to its operation.
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  • The company will do all that is reasonably practicable to provide and maintain:
    • Safe Places of work
    • Safe methods and systems of work
    • Safe Plant & equipment
    • Personnel protective equipment relevant to working tasks
    • A safe & healthy working environment
  • The company will carryout a regular review of this policy to ensure that the standards of health and safety are continually maintained. vestibulum.